The current trend in managing human cybersecurity risk is to teach employees about cybersecurity basics, often using generic e-learning courses. Sadly, the reality is that most cybersecurity training has little effect on overall organizational risk. (In fact, behavioural compliance and performance can actually go down after completion of training, due to psychological and learning effects.)

dGrief’s Human Reliability Engine (HRE) overcomes this challenge. HRE is an advanced cybersecurity and behavioural management system that provides real-time, just-in-time interventions and performance aids to employees where and when they need them. HRE delivers essential, role-based cues and training on how to prevent, identify and mitigate cyber risk, then monitors user behaviour to ensure that the resulting employee behaviour is appropriate. You no longer have to guess about whether your cybersecurity training investment is paying off.

How it works.                                             

  1. You subscribe your employees.
  2. Employees receive role-appropriate training to ensure they understand the importance of cybersecurity and to promote good, safe behaviours.
  3. Employees receive just-in-time focused cues and refresher training when performing critical online tasks.
  4. HRE monitors employee online behaviour to ensure that behavioural expectations are being met.
  5. When noncompliance-related risk is identified, HRE provides additional cues, enhanced training and other corrective measures to control that risk.


HRE is a new approach to cybersecurity and behavioural management that actively controls your ‘people risk’, even long after initial cybersecurity training is over. Email us today to join our HRE Beta program.