Most security breaches are preventable. They happen because a busy IT manager didn’t get around to patching a known vulnerability, and a hacker got there first.

It happens all the time. Information systems are complicated and new vulnerabilities are discovered every day. It’s difficult for IT professionals, let alone individual users, to find out about the specific vulnerabilities that put them at risk.

dGrief’s Tripwire product is designed to help both IT managers and individual IT users. Tripwire gives advance warning when your systems are at risk. Tripwire watches for new vulnerabilities impacting your systems, networks and software, giving you time to get ahead of hackers and close the holes in your security before a hacker comes knocking.

Tripwire works by phenotyping your information technology, identifying the characteristics (such as operating systems, computer manufacturers, networking equipment, software and applications, and configurations) that could make you vulnerable. Tripwire then monitors the cybersecurity realm for disclosures, events, notifications and discoveries that could lead to a vulnerability in your systems, providing you with both automatic notification and a real-time security scorecard.

Combined with dGrief’s managed security service, Tripwire gives you confidence that your security is effective and up to date.

Tripwire is now being trialled with select clients. Email us today to join our Tripwire Beta program.