Opus is an exciting new technology developed by dGrief that uses logic-based artificial intelligence and a comprehensive information-security knowledgebase to protect your organization from threats.

Opus makes information security easy. It asks you straightforward questions about your organization and then delivers customized information to help you understand your risk and compliance obligations. Opus helps you choose the right technology, and helps you set it up properly. It provides a customized set of corporate policies to protect your security and demonstrate compliance. And most importantly, it empowers your workers by selecting appropriate, effective, up-to-date training.

Opus also provides ongoing protection. As new threats appear on the Internet and in your industry, Opus automatically revises your policies, configurations and training to adapt to those threats, and notifies you regarding emerging risks.

Opus is a new approach to cybersecurity that actively manages both risk and compliance. Email us today to join our Opus Beta program.