The people at greatest risk from cybersecurity threats are often the ones with the least time to tackle those risks. Today’s cybercriminals actively target individuals with wealth, influence, access or power — individuals who are often, ironically, the least protected.

The risk is real. You see it every day in the news. Hacking of social media accounts. Theft of sensitive emails. Massive information breaches. Financial fraud. But the fact is, information theft, blackmail, fraud and reputational damage could cost far more than money. Some things can’t be undone at any price.

Protecting yourself is difficult. Complex tech. Ever-changing threats. And most cybersecurity focuses on selling you yet another off-the-shelf technology that’s supposed to protect you from vulnerabilities in the last technology you bought. Those companies have preset solutions to sell, ones that may address some of your risk.

dGrief is different — we’re a bespoke security service. We identify all your information security risks — including cyber risks —  and deliver a protective service tailored just for you. And we keep you safe day to day, even as your threats evolve. 

Our service is designed for high-net-worth individuals and high-risk organizations facing increasing hazards, both online and in the real world. Call us to find out how we can protect your systems, privacy and reputation.