Your customers trust you with valuable and sensitive information. Your ability to serve those customers hinges on your ability to protect the confidentiality of that information. But firms like yours have become choice targets for cyberattacks. Customer information in your office, computers and cellphones is a prize in today’s criminal marketplace.

You’re no longer too small to hack, but you aren’t big enough to have your own full-time security team. dGrief can help. Our mission is to protect people, data and brands.

dGrief integrates ‘people solutions’ — culture, training, policy and performance management — with managed cybersecurity solutions to provide robust, effective information security.

Our solutions offer a range of benefits:

Transparent. The dGrief Dashboard shows you real-time information about threats and how you’re protected from them.

Proactive. If something happens that you need to know about, dGrief will tell you what can be done to minimize your risk.

Empowering. dGrief provides training and regular intelligence updates to help your organization stay current on security, helping you assure your customers that their information is protected.

Secure. dGrief makes it easier for you to work and share information safely and securely. We offer highly secure filesharing and collaboration services, secure email and communications, and network services that protect your identity, privacy and security.

ResponsivedGrief Emergency Response provides priority support during and after an attack. If you fear you’re being targeted, we jump into action to shut down the threat. We also take you through the steps needed to recover.


If you think this is too complicated for an organization like yours, it isn’t. We’re here to serve businesses that can’t afford big-business solutions. We know your data is just as important to you and your customers as it would be for a larger organization. We let you focus on what you do best — running your business and serving your customers. Call us to find out more.