dGrief looks after all your information security and cybersecurity needs. You pick up the phone and we do the rest.

We quietly and discreetly protect you from threats, managing your systems and networks to thwart attacks and keep you safe. We also manage the ‘people risk’ within your firm, leveraging your greatest asset — your employees — to harden your defences.

Our dGrief Dashboard shows you real-time information about threats and how you’re protected from them.

If something happens that you need to know about, we call you to let you know what you can do to minimize your risk.

We also provide training and regular intelligence updates to help your firm stay current on security, helping you assure your clients that their information is protected.

We offer a range of solutions to make it easier for you to work and share safely and securely, including highly secure filesharing and collaboration services, secure email and communications, and network services that protect your identity, privacy and security.

Finally, dGrief emergency response provides priority support during and after an attack. If you fear you’re being targeted, dGrief jumps into action to shut down the threat. We also take you through the steps needed to recover.

We’re here to protect you without getting in your way. We let you focus on what you do best — running your business and serving your clients.