As a high-risk organization, you’re entrusted with valuable and sensitive information by your stakeholders and customers. And your services must be safe from disruption.

Organizations like yours have become choice targets for cyberattacks. Customer information in your office, computers and cellphones is a prize in today’s criminal marketplace. And disruption of your business operations — through ransomware, publicized information breaches and denial of service attacks — has become a criminal business sector unto itself.

dGrief can help. We integrate ‘people solutions’ — culture, training, policy and performance management — with managed cybersecurity solutions to provide robust, effective information security.

We also offer individual, subscription access to some of the tools in our toolkit:

  • Our Opus product is an innovative ‘security wizard’ used to identify risk, make smart decisions, and manage policies, people, training and technology.
  • Our Tripwire product is an early warning system that identifies new vulnerabilities before they become a breach.

If you think good information security is too complicated for an organization like yours, it isn’t. We’re here to serve high-risk businesses that can’t afford big-business solutions. We let you focus on what you do best — running your organization and serving your customers. Call us to find out more.