CEO Andrew Miller is a successful entrepreneur with deep technical and business skills. Andrew began his career in the Canadian military, where his responsibilities included communications and information security. Andrew has a ‘hacker mindset’ that helps him understand how systems work, how they break, and how someone might attack them.




Chief Technology Officer (CTO) William Gill is a senior IT professional with over 20 years experience in government, energy and healthcare. His strong background in compliance, human performance and reliability is critical to dGrief services. Bill figures out how to fit all the dGrief puzzle pieces together to create integrated, effective and seamless information security products and solutions.




Customer Success Manager Dave Drinnan has 35 years experience in training, business process engineering, and technology disciplines in the ICT, energy, nuclear and security sectors. Dave works with you to understand your business needs and deliver tailored and personalized services. Dave is your information-security partner, advocate and first responder.



Information security doesn’t have to be difficult, costly or scary. Call us. We’ll make it easy!